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Review by Nyunkia Tauss

Delectable Shelter

Audience feedback:
  • “I liked how the humour developed from quite witty s**t jokes to how the performers turned out to be such talented singers in a really strong ensemble.”
  • “F*ing brilliant! It’s got wit, it’s got very clever derivations, yet put together originally. Hayloft keep surpassing themselves…”
  • “I dug the singing and the sexy stuff.”
  • “Really good to see something like this in the comedy festival – theatre in the comedy festival is a great thing!”

One tropical plant is nice, cleansing the air. A room full of tropical plants, why, it must be so nice you can’t even breathe. Delectable Shelter plasters the ‘last-survivors-tasked-with-repopulating-the-world’ construction with nice, white, middle class aspirations.

Maybe you’re out for a laugh, maybe you’ve heard good things about Hayloft’s work, maybe you’ve even seen some of it? Then someone suggests you try the salmon, but you can’t because you’re vegetarian. But maybe you would if it was the last food on earth? Maybe if there was a choir serenading you with Roxette madrigals? Go on, just a nibble, it’s local…

Delectable Shelter
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